What's in store for #hybrid working in 2023? @leebryant gives you his expert views on how we can move from ad-hoc working to a real, formalised hybrid work system.

With links from: @abouelatta_ali, @rgmcgrath, @LeandroEHerrero, @emollick & @invoker!

Great read by Chris Lennon, Introducing a lightweight, flexible, flow-based team process that goes where Scrum and Kanban can’t! #agile #kanban #teamwork #DigitalTransformation

Really insightful @SubstackInc read by @johncutlefish on leadership and Self/Other Awareness.

Considering ourselves 'self-aware' as a leader and the language we use to describe our expectations of others are complex, and require more thought!

👉Our latest #LinkLog is out. This time on the potential of #DataMesh, and written by @drgabywolferink.

Links from 👇
@zhamakd, @Joe_Peppard, @WSJ, @AdamBellemare, @upsolver, @thenewstack

#data #DataAnalytics #dataownership #dataquality

Companies must build the capabilities to anticipate, detect, diagnose, activate resources for, protect against, and track known and unknown-but-knowable risks.

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