Lee reviews some interesting experiments with AI chatbots, and considers the risks of amplifying the human tendency to deliberately mislead...

With links from, among others,

@hjarche, @emollick, Ted Chiang, and @kevinroose !

In our latest LinkLog, Sebastian talks about #failure, and how we should approach this in our learning journeys.

Should failure be a goal? is failure itself an inherent part of how we learn? What about risks and how can leadership mitigate those?

Our latest Link*Log by @drgabywolferink is out, with links from:

@Calnewport_ @Preppforsuccess @alainademop @Staffbase @oakandreeds @HarvardBiz @TimHarford @FinancialTimes @TechCoHQ

It is Tuesday, and time for our first #LinkLog of 2023. @leebryant talks about how, amid the #AI hype and fear-mongering, there is value today in creating augmentative little helpers in the workplace, rather than trying to simply replace people!

Meetings are a bug. Today, we shipped a fix to this bug at @Shopify.

To start 2023, we're cancelling all Shopify meetings with more than two people. Let's give people back their maker time. Companies are for builders. Not managers.

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