Social media marketing is dead, according to Augie Ray. He argues that it’s not the powerful tool it once was, as consumers no longer trust brands on social platforms. Instead, they’re turning to friends, influencers, and review sites for product recommendations. This shift is due to the fact that social media has become a pay-to-play platform, where organic reach is virtually non-existent.

Furthermore, Ray believes that brands have lost their authenticity on social media. They’ve become more focused on selling than engaging, thus alienating their audience. He also suggests that the rise of fake news and privacy concerns have further eroded consumer trust.

Despite these challenges, Ray doesn’t believe that brands should abandon social media altogether. He advises them to shift their focus from selling to building relationships. He emphasises the importance of creating valuable content that enhances the customer experience.

He also advocates for brands to invest in influencer marketing, as influencers have the trust that brands lack. However, he warns that brands need to choose their influencers wisely, as consumers can easily spot inauthentic endorsements.

In essence, Ray’s view is that social media marketing isn’t dead, but it needs to evolve. Brands must adapt to the changing landscape and focus on building genuine relationships with their audience.

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