The first wave of digital transformation was about adding digital capabilities to existing structures; the next is about creating natively digital and connected structures that operate more like software.

It is time to upgrade our organisational operating systems

Change is hard, but it is unlikely to stop any time soon. Instead of big bang change programmes, we need to make distributed, agile transformation part of the agenda for all teams and organisational units.

Distributed, agile transformation makes change routine

How can we overcome the culture of ‘learned helplessness’ surrounding digital technology in the workplace, and give people opportunities to help themselves and each other?

Bridging the skills gap in the digital workplace

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Change the system, change the culture

The challenge of transforming large, complex organisations that have grown up around calcified hierarchies and process management structures is a hard one, so we should not be surprised that people often have different areas of focus or emphasis about where to start and what matters. But at some point, we have to face up to and challenge the core system that sustains the old and holds back change…

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Different stages of Digital Transformation and why we can’t run before we learn to walk

Tempting as it is to rush straight to digital innovation, the underpinning platform, digital literacy and ways of working need to be in place to have a good chance of success. On the other hand, we should not see digital as just a better email client or a way to automate poorly designed processes. Although this is a critical first step, too often we see companies stop there. Once companies become digitally mature, they need to strive for transformation and innovation in the ways they do things and ultimately in ‘what’ they do…

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Joining The Future Workforce

The circular conversation about robots taking all the jobs rumbles on. In some industries however we see the dawning realisation that automation is not occupation-focussed, but task focussed, and the composition of tasks dictates how fast a role will be automated....

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The Copenhagen Catalog

This year’s TechFestival in Copenhagen was a great event with a soul, and pulled together people from all over the world who want to see technology have a positive impact on our world (good write up here). Within the event, Thomas Madsen-Mygdal pulled together a...

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Summer Reading – See You In September!

This week's curator, Laura-Jane Parker, wraps up the Post*Shift Linklog for the summer with some longer reads on the future of work to take you through until September. At Post*Shift this time of year is often when the pace of work slows down a little. Many of our...

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Leadership Mindsets for the Digital Age

This week’s curator Cerys Hearsey, explores the mindset needed for leading digital change in large organisations, and how this manifests into three different scales of thinking. The early days of digital change within organisations highlighted how essential the role...

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We are hiring!

Do you believe that companies should be more human? At Post*Shift, we help companies adopt better ways of working, enabled by digital technologies. We offer the unique opportunity to work in a fast-paced startup environment helping some of the world’s leading...

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Digital Workplace Futures Event

Our Digital Workplace Futures event last week (#psdw18) provided a great opportunity to hear from practitioners involved in the use of digital workplace technology to enable new ways of working and organisational improvement. It was great to see so many friends and...

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