BP is harnessing the power of GE’s Predix software to optimise its oil wells. The software, known as a ‘digital twin,’ generates a virtual model of an oil well, allowing BP to monitor its performance and predict potential problems. By analysing data from sensors placed throughout the well, the software can predict when maintenance is required, avoiding costly shutdowns and increasing efficiency. The system also allows BP to optimise oil production by adjusting the well’s operating parameters.

The use of Predix is part of BP’s broader strategy to digitise its operations. The company is investing heavily in digital technologies, including data analytics and machine learning, to improve operational efficiency and reduce costs. The move is part of a broader trend in the oil industry, which is increasingly turning to digital solutions to improve productivity and profitability in a challenging market environment.

While the deployment of Predix is currently limited to a single oil well, BP plans to roll out the technology across its entire operations. The company believes that the software could revolutionise the way it manages its oil wells, providing a significant competitive advantage in an increasingly digital oil industry. The use of digital twins is not limited to the oil industry; it has potential applications in a range of sectors, from manufacturing to healthcare.

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