CEOs are increasingly leaning on their Chief Technology Officers (CTOs) and Chief Information Officers (CIOs) to spearhead digital transformation within their organisations. This shift reflects the growing importance of digital technology in shaping business strategy. A study by Accenture, involving 900 top executives from 12 industries across 12 countries, revealed that 73% of companies are looking to their CTOs or CIOs to lead the digital charge.

The study also highlighted that 35% of businesses view digital leadership as a shared responsibility. Meanwhile, only 37% of companies are looking to their Chief Marketing Officers (CMOs) to drive digital transformation, a drop from 47% in the previous year. This trend indicates that the role of CMOs is becoming less about leading digital initiatives and more about managing the company’s overall marketing strategy.

The findings further revealed that businesses are now using digital technologies to drive growth and create new sources of value. In fact, 37% of companies reported that their digital investments have already helped them outperform their competition. The study concludes that CEOs must ensure their CTOs and CIOs have the necessary resources and backing to lead the digital transformation, as their role is crucial in shaping the future of their companies.

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