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To keep up with the pace of today’s markets, you must avoid two traps of ‘traditional’ change management. First, your digital transformation will never be done, so it is not about driving to a fixed destination. Instead, you should always be adapting to create a better business. Digital transformation is really about small changes and continual iteration in response to ever-changing market conditions. As a central change team, it is both your opportunity and responsibility to enable agility within your organisation.

Second, no matter how well-funded your team, you will struggle to drive change across the entire organisation if you take a one-way approach to communication. Partly this is a matter of scale – there is not enough of you to go round. But mostly it is a matter of psychology. People do not like change done to them. Instead, modern change efforts require a more participatory approach that coordinates people across the organisation to help design the future firm. 


  • Varying levels of digital maturity across org
  • Employee resistance to change
  • Limited reach of central change team
  • Misperception that change has an end-state
  • No common way to express change goals
  • Poor means of tracking feedback & progress
  • Limited involvement of future digital leaders


We work with small multi-disciplinary teams to involve a much wider network of people throughout the organisation. We use agile methods and techniques so that new ways of working spread quickly through the organisation.

Typical activities include:

  • Assessment of organisational health
  • Digital strategy mapping
  • Prioritisation of new capabilities
  • Distributed change programs


The work of a transformation team can be amplified by the network of change agents it cultivates within the wider organisation. Connect with and support this network and its members who influence those around them to adopt new ways of working and help embed digital behaviours.

Typical activities include:

  • Change agent network programme
  • Influencer identification & outreach
  • Internal events and meetups
  • Community management


Rather than asking people to change, it is often better to teach them digital skills and ways of working that can help their day-to-day work. A shared knowledge hub helps people learn about change goals and access learning and skills to improve their work.

Typical activities include:

  • Digital leadership programmes
  • Digital skills development
  • Transformation learning hub
  • Animation sessions & courses


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