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How transformation teams can have outsized influence on the organisation using a networked approach

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Many organisations are creating individual roles and teams dedicated to digital business transformation. Previously, these might operate through traditional top-down change programmes, communicating the new behaviours, values or activities the firm wants to promote and seeking to mandate compliance from above. This approach no longer works in complex organisations. Instead, transformation teams need to work smarter to influence change through networks, and also by connecting with internal change agents or digital guides who already share a desire to promote better ways of working.

We specialise in supporting transformation teams in all aspects of their work, from cross-silo networks to bring together key stakeholders through to how they act as coaches, consultants and exemplars of new digitally-supported ways of working. Establishing a new cross-functional team is never easy in silo-based organisations, and they need to influence change upwards as well as downwards. Firms using this approach have seen even central teams succeed in influencing change across large, global organisations.


  • Cross-department digital strategy
  • Digital engagement across the firm
  • Digital skills development
  • Common language for change goals
  • Working with multiple stakeholder groups
  • Need to engage digital leaders
  • Influencing change in large organisations


Our approach equips transformation teams with tools and techniques to map existing digital change initiatives and align them according to the business capabilities they create, and to invite the whole organisation to share ideas about what needs to change and how to do it. 

Typical activities include:

  • Digital strategy mapping
  • Crowdsourcing capability goals
  • Measurement framework
  • Agile change action backlog


The eyes and ears of a transformation team is the network of change agents or digital guides it cultivates within the wider organisation. Connect with and support these people and they will influence those around them to adopt new ways of working or contribute ideas.

Typical activities include:

  • Change Agent network programme
  • Influencer identification & outreach
  • Internal events and meetups
  • Community management


Rather than asking people to change, it is often better to teach them digital skills and ways of working that can help their day-to-day work. A shared transformation hub helps people learn about change goals and access learning and skills to improve their work.

Typical activities include:

  • Digital leadership programmes
  • Digital skills development
  • Transformation learning hub
  • Animation sessions & courses


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