David Deutsch, a physicist at the University of Oxford, has proposed a new theory of reality named ‘Constructor Theory’. This theory aims to provide a deeper understanding of the universe than quantum mechanics, by focusing on what is possible and what is impossible, and why. Constructor Theory proposes that laws of physics are expressible entirely in terms of ‘theories of transformations’ – what tasks can be performed and which ones cannot.

This new theory could potentially solve the problem of quantum mechanics and general relativity, which have been at odds for decades. Deutsch believes that Constructor Theory’s focus on transformations could make it possible to reconcile these two fundamental theories.

The theory could also help understand the nature of information and how it interacts with the physical world. It could provide a new way of looking at quantum computing, a field in which Deutsch has been a pioneer.

Despite its potential, Constructor Theory is still in the early stages of development. It has yet to be widely accepted by the scientific community, and its full implications are not yet understood. Nonetheless, it represents a new and potentially revolutionary way of understanding the universe.

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