Digital Culture Reboot

How can digital behaviours and new ways of working help reduce risk?


Culture transformation efforts often apply rigid diagnostic frameworks to determine their areas of focus.

We take a different approach, working with clients to pinpoint their own unique set of target behaviours (using our digital maturity framework) to best enable their strategic goals. Next, we design a measurement model that combines several datasets to paint a well-rounded view of progress towards culture goals – rather than rely on single survey results.


We then present the findings in engaging visualisations to allow the whole organisation to understand the transformation journey.

Finally, since top-down change programmes do not work, we seek to empower the organisation to manage and track its own progress towards culture change, using distributed behavioural change software tools. Our maps easily show areas for focus, and our software socialises the actions taken to address these, enabling individuals to take ownership.


  • Digital capabilities diagnostic
  • Target online behaviours
  • Digital maturity framework
  • Measurement model development
  • Transformation maps creation
  • Distributed change software tools
  • Culture change measurement
  • Progress tracking & reporting

Cyberculture -v- corporate culture 

Social platforms boost positive behaviours

In the current wave of digital and generational change, the notion of ‘HR’ is being challenged. Social technology can help to humanise your firm and unlock a broader spectrum of human capacity. 


Improved openness and transparency

Some of the worst aspects of corporate culture are reinforced through secrecy or habit. Social tech brings these in the open and remove the need for hierarchies which enable unethical behaviours.

How does digital culture reduce risk?

New management techniques informed by digital culture involve digitally-savvy employees in decision-making and culture-building, creating more inclusive business environments that reduce risk.

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