Digital Fitness Program

Getting your firm ready to compete in the FinTech race


Is your digital infrastructure ready for FinTech, PSD2 or GDPR? Minimally, you will need to implement a digital core supporting open APIs allowing you to connect with mobile and desktop customers, back-office systems, third parties (including service providers and digital challengers, as these evolve) and more.

Moving to the cloud is probably essential, but how do you select the right vendors and partners? Do you have the right mix of people, skills and capabilities to make this happen?


Technology is not the only consideration. Getting Fit for Fintech requires new ways of thinking and working. Agility is essential, as is getting your teams up to speed, iterating quickly and failing fast. Digital transformation is not an optional extra.

Your leadership and culture must encourage experimentation, while creating new digital products requires a rigorous but iterative approach to innovation. We have the people, knowledge, and tools to make you Fit for Fintech.


  • Digital infrastructure review
  • Technology recommendations
  • Vendor & partner selection
  • Agile team development
  • Digital skills enablement
  • Digital transformation support
  • Digital leadership enablement
  • Business model innovation

Getting Fit for FinTech

How is technology changing your business?

Adopting a FinTech approach means changing how you think about technology, as well as how you deliver it. We can show you how to get in the race without disrupting your core business.  


Can you move at the speed of Agile?

Agile business requires new ways of thinking and working. Agile is not a fad: it is a significant step change in how business is done, with its roots in how technology gets delivered.   

Creating mindshare inside

How do you deal with the lack of leadership support and other barriers that slow down new products from getting to market? Let us share our unrivalled experience in making ‘new’ happen, fast. 

Are you ready to get Fit for FinTech?

Receive our free project checklist to see how we do it…


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