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Companies who have installed enterprise social networks (ESNs) need to accelerate the adoption of these platforms if they are to achieve business improvement goals. If they fail to focus on meaningful, practical use cases, usage will often plateau and people will revert to old habits and ways of working.

As early pioneers and builders of ESNs, our experience teaches us that the key to sustainable adoption is work relevance. This means that instead of just tracking vanity metrics (likes, comments, etc), success should be measured through impact on core business benchmarks.

Our approach aligns end-user actions with a company’s overall business objectives, sets relevant success metrics, then tracks and measures these across multiple data sources, as well as qualitative inputs (e.g. workshops, interviews, etc).

In addition to better adoption, greater engagement and improved collaboration, our approach allows us to identify strategic use cases that facilitate new ways of working.


  • Tech implementation issues
  • Integration with other tools
  • Stalled platform adoption
  • Lack of strategic use cases
  • Limited user engagement
  • Poor collaborative culture
  • Limited business impact
  • Poor data / analytics


Focusing on ESN adoption tactics and dynamics helps improve user engagement, embed collaboration into day-to-day work, and encourage more effective online social behaviours to improve the way work gets done.

Our ESN Adoption service:

  • Organisational improvement measures
  • User motivation & engagement
  • Use case & workflow design
  • ESN comms campaigns


Moving beyond simple out-of-the-box metrics, our Insights service leverages ESN social network data to deliver powerful analytics and engaging visualisations to surface hidden trends and help manage ESN performance.

Our ESN Data Insights service:

  • Data sources discovery
  • Insights use case development
  • Relevant trend & pattern spotting
  • Data visualisation & reporting


Increasingly, companies are extending their ESN with specialised collaboration tools to create a digital workplace hub that supports the needs of teams, individuals and their networks, as well as the company as a whole.

Our Digital Workplace Hubs service:

  • Tech & use case development
  • System design & integration
  • Platform user experience design
  • Support for new ways of working


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