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An ESN is a great way to connect your organisation, but employees also need more specific collaboration and communication tools at the level of the team and the individual. Increasingly, the ESN is becoming a base for a wider Digital Workplace Hub, where employees can access these tools.

Smart integration of tools and the data they produce is key to making the ESN more relevant and useful, whilst creating a user experience on a par with the consumer tools we are used to.


Teams work in different ways. Factory floor workers may not use the same tools as office-based knowledge workers or software developers. We work with a variety of on premise and cloud-based team collaboration tools that suit different use cases and ways of working (e.g.document-, wiki- or chat-based).

By integrating these into a Digital Workplace Hub, users can find the right tools for their needs, whilst giving others access to the information they produce via the ESN.


  • Technology evaluation
  • Use case development
  • System design & planning
  • integration and UX design
  • Collaborative user journey design
  • User research & engagement
  • New ways of working support
  • Animation and inspiration

Towards a Digital Workplace Hub

An Integration Hub for Collaboration

An ESN platform is an ideal base for a Digital Workplace Hub that provides access to various collaboration tools

Apps and Tools for Different Work Contexts

Different roles and contexts sometimes need different collaboration tools, which the ESN can integrate into a connected hub

A Place to Learn about New Ways of Working

Alongside a portfolio of collaboration apps and tools, the hub is a great place for people to learn about new ways of working

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