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Digital Workplace technology options are growing and evolving at an exciting pace, enabling a more consumer-level “there’s an app for that” experience to employees. But most organisations are still struggling with adoption and embedding new ways of working into the existing processes and rhythm of daily operations. The reality is many teams are confused by a fragmented tools selection and are unclear about what to use, when and how. The result? A pretty expensive upgrade of email and file storage, as people stick to obsolete (but familiar) ways of getting work done.


Traditional attempts to increase adoption and digital confidence with new tools amongst teams often fall short. Comms and engagement campaigns raise short-term awareness but fail to embed new ways of working, while tools training programmes waste the opportunity to develop transformational skills. Our Digital Workplace Development service improves adoption and ROI for digital workplace tools by focusing on the human factors – solid use cases, in-the-flow support, contextual prompts and ongoing learning from peers – as well as technology and user experience.


Our service provides a very effective solution to most user challenges and is a great way to encourage people to try new ways of working using digital tools, while also developing their skills and reducing tech support costs. It combines a user-friendly Digital Hub designed to share practical, real-world use cases and success stories, together with support from a network of Digital Guides (digitally-confident colleagues who are happy to help), and a Digital Concierge bot that can answer questions about the technology and help direct queries to the appropriate area of the Digital Hub’s content and/or to Digital Guides.

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