ESN Data Insights

Gain deeper knowledge about social actions
and online business behaviours



We seek out and unlock business insights hidden in ESN datasets, extending what is possible with the tools’ built-in dashboards to go beyond basic social network metrics.

Our approach allows you to zero in on the way users actually work, gather evidence on how your ESN creates value, and uncover how it can accelerate progress towards business goals.


Wherever possible, ESN data can also be combined with other enterprise data types to provide a fuller picture of company performance, beyond social collaboration.

Our approach also provides engaging data visualisations to help communicate value and a re-usable framework for supporting in-house data research and insights.


  • Stakeholder workshops
  • Data insights objectives
  • Business data research
  • Dataset fitness checks
  • Data framework creation
  • Trend spotting & testing
  • Data insights visualisation
  • Reporting & recommendations

Using ESN data to map the org

Social Network Mapping

ESN data can provide a more realistic picture of collaboration and how work gets done

Combining with other data sources

By cross-referencing other data sources we can show impact on core business performance


Monitoring organisational health

ESN data can help create organisational health measures to track Digital Transformation efforts

Considering how to gain deeper insights from your network’s social data?

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