Google is at the centre of a European backlash against American tech dominance, as regulators and politicians scrutinise the company’s activities and business practices. The tech giant is facing a series of investigations across Europe into its search engine, privacy practices, tax policies and potential monopoly power. In Germany, publishers have taken Google to court over copyright issues, while in France, the company has been fined for breaching privacy laws.

Meanwhile, Google’s tax arrangements in Britain are under investigation by the UK’s tax authority. The company is also facing criticism from European politicians who argue that American tech companies have too much power and influence. They claim these companies are stifling competition and innovation in Europe’s digital economy.

In response to these challenges, Google has ramped up its lobbying efforts in Brussels, home to the European Union’s main institutions. The company has also been trying to improve its image in Europe by investing in local projects and initiatives. Despite these efforts, Google continues to face significant opposition and scrutiny in Europe.

This backlash against Google is part of a broader trend of European scepticism towards American tech giants. This includes concerns about digital privacy, tax avoidance and the dominance of American companies in the global tech industry. As such, the challenges faced by Google in Europe could have implications for other American tech companies operating in the region.

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