“New Times” is a publication by Compass, a UK-based political think tank. It posits that the UK is in a transitional phase, moving from a period of economic growth and stability, known as the ‘Long Boom,’ to a new era, termed the ‘New Times.’ This shift is characterised by significant changes in technology, climate, demographics, and global power.

The ‘Long Boom,’ which lasted from the 1990s to 2008, was marked by economic growth, globalisation, and the rise of digital technology. However, it also led to increased inequality, environmental degradation, and the financial crisis of 2008.

The ‘New Times’ are defined by a shift towards a more sustainable and equitable economic model. Key characteristics include the rise of digital and green technologies, a shift in global power towards the East, an ageing population, and a growing focus on wellbeing and equality.

The publication highlights the need for a new political and economic framework to navigate these changes. It suggests a focus on sustainability, equality, and democratic reform, highlighting the importance of collective action and cooperation.

The report also emphasises the need for a new narrative that recognises the challenges and opportunities of the ‘New Times.’ This narrative should promote a vision of a fairer, more sustainable future, and inspire collective action to achieve it.

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