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Combining the best of traditional engineering with the world of software, data and IoT

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Industrial firms face a two-sided challenge in their Digital Transformation journey. First, building connected products, services and platforms to leverage the exciting new opportunities of IoT. Second, the need to create a connected company to overcome old, siloed ways of working and thinking to become more agile and adaptive in response to change. 

With competition coming from both startups and large technology firms, expectations are high. Customers are more digitally-savvy, and demand new, direct interaction experiences with industrial firms, who are often stuck in an old vision of a B2B world. To rise to the challenge, industrial firms must harness the best of both worlds, combining their legacy of traditional engineering skill, a culture of discipline, quality and safety, with the innovation and agile mindset coming from the startup world.


  • Need to become more agile
  • Silos and divisions holding you back
  • Speed up innovation in IoT
  • Involve the workforce in new tech
  • New technology-based services
  • Preparing for a world of data / AI


We help you understand where you are in terms of digital transformation against a framework of attributes for 21st century industrial firms, mapping existing digital strategies to understand overlaps and gaps to deliver recommendations to help become more agile and adaptive.

Typical activities include:

  • Distributed diagnostic process
  • Digital strategy mapping
  • Target capability research
  • Access to our online learning platform


IoT innovation needs to come out of the R&D department and become a core part of how the firm works, both in terms of connecting its own operations, plant and facilities and also as an area of product innovation. We help firms involve the wider workforce in innovation.

Typical activities include:

  • Quantified Org data and diagnostics
  • Internal disruption / innovation units
  • Connected Factory initiatives
  • Socialising and sharing IoT data


We have had great success helping industrial firms adopt new technologies and transform to become more agile over the years, and we understand the complexities of working in large organisations. Industrial firms have a lot to offer the world of IoT and connected products.

Typical activities include:

  • Coalition building for change across silos
  • Implementation & adoption of digital tech
  • Managing and measuring change
  • Process improvement & innovation


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