Learning & Talent Development

Developing the new skills, talents and “Digital IQ” needed to thrive in an agile, adaptive organisation is a challenge for many organisations, whose competency and skill frameworks have only changed slowly up to now.

What does an agile talent and learning strategy look like in a modern organisation?

How can we stay up to date with new domains of knowledge emerging all the time? How can we give people more ownership of the development path and encourage self-managed learning in the flow of work? How do we develop more hybrid skillsets that cross existing areas of specialisation?

There are many challenges to conventional learning and development approaches, but at the same time this area has never been more important for ensuring the future success of established organisations.

Agile talent strategies start by mapping what already exists, and then identifying gaps based on where the organisation is headed. Then we can start to customise learning journeys and programmes to develop the skills we need.

We need to set the bar higher for basic digital literacy in the workplace, but that also means we need to provide better opportunities to self-manage learning and also learn together with others in groups and communities.

We also need to do the same at the leadership level, where people find themselves managing organisations that are very different to the one they grew up in.


Agile Talent Strategy

How can talent mapping and hot spot identification help run an agile, responsive talent strategy?

Learning Support

How can day-to-day workplace learning become more contextual, community-based and self-managed?

Developing Digital Leaders

How can we develop the digital leaders of tomorrow and help existing leaders learn how to use their skills in new ways?

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