Learning Support

Conventional learning systems are geared towards simple, repeatable training. Learning new ways of working and developing confidence in online collaborative working requires a more community-based and self-directed approach.

Overcoming the culture of ‘learned helplessness’ that surrounds digital technology in the workplace is vitally important if we are to realise the benefits and efficiencies that new ways of working can bring.

How can we take digital learning out of the training room and embed it in our day-to-day work?

There is a wealth of low-level support content available that can teach people how to use a particular tool or system, but not enough in-context advice on what, why or how to use new tools and platforms to change what we do, not just how we do it.

This is about mindsets, behaviours, exploration and ‘learning how to learn’ – the experience of learning and its availability in the right context is just as important as the content.


We offer a digital hub for popular digital workplace environments like Office 365 where people can find examples, stories, use cases and techniques, as well as finding digital guides who can advise them. And our concierge bot, available in real-time team collaboration spaces, can direct people to the content they need or help answer questions. 

We also use a chatbot-based diagnostic survey to help teams refine their learning needs and priorities, and then create custom learning journeys to address them, based on our extensive knowledgebase of new ways of working.

Service elements

  • Digital learning hub to support community-based learning & support
  • Diagnostic chatbot to help refine recommended learning journeys
  • Concierge support bot to direct people to content, communities or experts
  • Peer-to-peer learning community for new ways of working
  • Extensive knowledgebase of articles and guides to agile ways of working

Challenges we address

  • Learning content too focused on standard topics, not new ways of working
  • Training too remote from day-to-day issues; not enough to support agile teams
  • Not enough in-context support for agile ways of working
  • Lack of systems to quickly capture lessons, reflect, and share with others
  • Not enough customisation and personalisation of learning content & journeys

Typical Benefits

  • Better learning outcomes for teams and team leads
  • More in-the-flow contextual learning; less time away from work
  • Encourages culture of peer-to-peer support and self-managed learning
  • Great employee engagement and satisfaction
  • More up-to-date learning content and programmes for agile teams

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