This week’s curator, Thomas Ridings, looks at the IT communications gap that emerges as businesses struggle to come to terms with their digital futures and explores how we can create a common language for describing digital. Thomas also gives an overview of some common themes emerging from IT departments who have already treaded the path, shares some related Shift*Base guides and picks 5 links for further reading on the topic.

Bridging the gap between IT and the business

There is still a fundamental difference in understanding between IT and the business when looking at how digital contributes to organisational capabilities.

> See The role of IT in digital transformation

Shift*Base Updates

Defining organisational capabilities can help create a common language for understanding what’s really needed from digital transformation. Dave Gray’s (author of The Connected Company) provides a forward thinking approach to creating shared service platforms that can support agile teams.

Weekly Linklog

Shift*Groups Updates

Our (free) invitation-only community for change agents and internal practitioners of social business, collaboration and digital transformation remains open for new members, whilst we conduct a review of the site and look at how to improve its user experience and utility and consult on how we can better support the community.

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