At the platform level…

Organisations need to strengthen the connected fabric of the organisation by building out their digital workplace. But they need to go much further if they want to create platforms capable of supporting the data, AI, algorithms and smart systems they need to become truly adaptive.

A key challenge for any organisation looking to shift from a traditional hierarchy to a more connected and agile way of working is to develop the platform that connects and coordinates people and their work.

This starts with the digital workplace as a key connecting layer, but to really become the place where work happens, an organisational platform needs to also include services, data, algorithms and other Intellectual Property that makes up the value creation process.

Some of the fastest growing firms today are platform businesses that automate repeatable processes as services and algorithms that others within the organisation can build on to create value for customers.

As pioneers of the use of digital workplace technology, we are hugely experienced in helping organisations design, build and integrate work platforms to reduce their reliance on hierarchical management, benefit from automation and increase agility.

Digital Workplace

How can organisations improve their digital workplace, encourage adoption and optimise new ways of working?

Agile Operations

How can teams transform what they do, making use of automation and service-oriented methods to improve outcomes?

Capability & Service Mapping

How can organisations coordinate digital development and build a map of key digital business capabilities?

Standing on the Shoulders of Giants

Standing on the Shoulders of Giants

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Let’s (Not) Make Bots In Our Own Image

Let’s (Not) Make Bots In Our Own Image

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Little Helper, not Big Brother

Little Helper, not Big Brother

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