Digital Skills Development

What new skills and roles do firms need, and how can they develop them?

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The firm of the future needs a range of new skills that go beyond traditional professional education and qualification, from data analytics and technology development to service design and user experience.

Firms need to support and up-skill existing employees, including management, to operate confidently in a digital world, but they also need to look at hiring, training and HR practices to ensure they have the right talent pipeline in place for the future.


How will firms engage employees more effectively and involve them in shaping the future workplace? This will become a key differentiator in attracting the talent needed to compete with new startups and technology firms entering professional services markets.

How will the culture of the firm changes when fee earners are not just traditionally educated specialists, but also technologists or experts in adjacent fields?


  • Employee engagement
  • Digital skills programmes
  • Digital leadership development
  • New thinking in HR
  • Networked learning & development
  • The new culture of work
  • Digital workplace design
  • Multi-disciplinary agile teaming

Future Firm Work Culture

Roadmap for future skills & roles

We support firms in discovering what new competencies and skills they will need in the near future and how to develop them.

Talent acquisition & retention

We guide firms in creating a workplace culture that helps attract and retain talent from startups and tech firms, as well as traditional professionals. 


Creating new hybrid roles

We help firms succeed in the digital economy by helping them create new hybrid roles blending technology, data or design, in addition to a solid grounding in professional education. 

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