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How can firms embrace new technology and exploit platforms to become ‘exponential companies’?

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The old model of centralised corporate IT is not the right answer for the future firm. Digital strategy involves IT, but also sales and marketing, HR, knowledge and communications, and so forward-thinking firms are creating digital networks across the organisation.

Creating a model digital workplace is key to becoming more efficient and connected, and this provides a strong base from which to think about client-facing technology innovation, new products, services and platforms.


New technology is giving firms access to unprecedented amounts of data, which promises to change the way we practice accounting, audit, consulting and law. To take advantage of this, firms need data platforms, analytics and sense making tools and skills.

Within the firm, organisational data produced by internal tools and social networks can provide valuable diagnostic information about how well the organisation is performing for its employees and partners.


  • Tech platform review
  • User experience analysis
  • Adoption barriers review
  • Group & user research
  • Use cases development
  • Business use case alignment
  • Comms campaign planning
  • Action plan development

Digital Business Transformation

Digital Strategy Networks

Firms need to involve all key functions in guiding digital strategy throughout the business, but this is often a challenge. Let us show you how to get the whole firm involved in digital change. 

Digital & data platforms

We help firms create strong digital platforms to coordinate work more effectively, instead of using traditional hierarchical management, which no longer works. 

Data insights & diagnostics

Data is everywhere in the modern firm – our approach will help you leverage your data to provide actionable insights on the performance of the organisation and where to target potential improvements. 

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Trustfulness and professionalism

Last week, I took part in two events at the Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales (ICAEW) concerned with the future of the accounting profession and its firms. This followed on from the work we did with the Institute on the Future Firms report, which...

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Procurement as an interface

I had a very interesting session last week with procurement leads responsible for sourcing legal and consulting work for major organisations. I came to the session wanting to talk about service-oriented, not product- or project-oriented strategic sourcing, and to lay...

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The Mandated Revolution

Much has been written - both in our blog and elsewhere - about the many barriers to achieving the meaningful and sustainable digital transformation needed for businesses to operate in the challenging business conditions prevailing in the early 21st Century. From...

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Digital transformation in insurance: beyond CX

Do insurers get FinTech? Coming at a time when, according to Gartner, "half of CEOs expect their industries to be substantially or unrecognizably transformed by digital”, the apparent lack of engagement with FinTech displayed by insurers in a recent PwC US...

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