Bank of England:

Social Intranet Adoption

How we helped guide the creation of a new social intranet
through lean user research and recommendation


The Bank of England approached us following a complete technology review, to undertake a lean user research exercise focused on creating a new user-centred social intranet.

We undertook a discovery process of stakeholder workshops, user workshops and key personnel interviews to develop personas and user journeys, which were then tested against ethnographic in situ observation sessions with end-users.




Following the user research phase (which produced personas that were reused throughout other internal, knowledge-based system design projects), we continued to the wireframing stage of the design process. Once interactive wireframes had been produced and tested against user expectations, we undertook a rigorous technical assessment to determine how to implement the visual design for the social intranet in the bank’s chosen technology platform.

In addition to the design deliverables described above, a comprehensive style guide for digital systems was created for internal knowledge systems, as well as a design and governance framework to ensure quality and confidence in this new way of working with information streams.



Considered one of the most successful technology projects ever completed by the Bank, the social intranet has become an integration hub, providing a consistent, unified user experience.

In addition to a successful project outcome, the underlying methodology of user-centred design, utilising agile principles of short iterations to produce a minimum viable product, which were introduced to the bank during this project, have been adopted as standard ways of working across all projects.



Tech success drives transformation

User-centricity at the core

The social intranet has become a central integration hub, providing a consistent, unified user experience across complex information.

Transformation through agility

The agile principles we introduced to the client have been adopted internally as standard ways of working across all projects.

Enablement with style

Our highly visual and impactful governance documentation has enabled the internal team to own the approach and execute in-house.

Bank of England social intranet

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