Bertelsmann Stiftung:

Creating a Custom Platform for a Global Community

A responsive online community to educate readers on complex, emerging issues.  


Politically non-partisan, the Bertelsmann Foundation is a place where people come together to create forward-looking change. Their Future Challenges programme is an international initiative looking at the intersection of global mega-trends and their impact on the world.

We worked with the Foundation’s project team to develop a new website and online community that could present content around emerging topics in a more engaging way, combining articles, blog posts, data sets, video, images and visualisations to educate readers on complex issues.





We rebuilt their Future Challenges website using a WordPress base, focusing on improved user experience and more engaging content presentation. In order to support the navigation structure and content discovery aims, the Solr faceted search engine was used with WordPress – an integration that decisively resolved the response time issues of the old site.

The target audience for this project are people deeply interested in complex international issues such as climate change, demographics, world health, and international security challenges.




A key observation that drove the implementation was the importance of connected content ‘packages’, that could aggregate multiple content types, organised around a lead article.

This approach has proved popular and successful, and resulted in a continuous increase of new users and web traffic.




Supporting forward-looking change

Impactful content collections

The Foundation’s valuable multi-faceted content was combined into a single social experience to engage and educate readers.

Managing flows, not just content

Social aggregation, feed management and tags were used across the platform to enhance content flows and reduce admin overheads.

From start to success

Content collections and social interaction features helped to drive up traffic and engagement very quickly after launch.

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