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Re-design strategy for three high-readership digital titles


Our team was engaged by a global media company, which delivers corporate financial news, intelligence and analysis from around the world, to create a new product design strategy for three of its titles by understanding the needs and behaviours of their users and their platform’s technical constraints in order to direct how it could deliver a more modern service and range of products to its subscriber base.

The resulting online publications and blogs have gone on to become well-used and influential within a specialist financial sector.





To achieve this, we ran a stakeholder workshop with the platform core team to establish and align around an objective for the project, discuss pain points with the current products, customer needs that they wanted to meet and features they wanted to provide. We also conducted qualitative and quantitative research into the behaviour and needs of the products’ subscribers.

We interviewed users of each of the products to explore their use of the relevant product and use of competitor products . This was also supplemented by analysis of usage data, survey data and customer data.




We created a product design strategy and roadmap for the future development of the three products, including:

  • a technical report summarising findings from the discovery process to understand constraints and draw together findings relevant to the future of the project, grounding our strategy in practical needs;
  • a user experience report summarising findings from the stakeholder workshop, user interviews and quantitative analysis and providing a picture of the most salient aspects of user needs and behaviour; and,
  • a strategy and roadmap with feedback from the project team.




Better content by design

Responding to customer demands

We juggled end-user expectations with the in-house publishing platform’s tech constraints to develop a compelling design solution.

New content opportunities

By mapping user requirements, we helped our client to identify repackaging opportunities for existing content at no additional cost.

A framework for the future

Rather than focus on graphic design, we developed a reusable product design framework, which could be applied to other titles.

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