Towards an Agile Organisation

Post-merger agile training for a newly-formed internal team


Collect+ is the largest store-based parcel service in the UK, initially formed as a joint venture with Yodel, with a network of over 5,500 newsagents, convenience stores, supermarkets and petrol stations that can be used as service points for parcels. Yodel was a brand new company (born from the merger of DHL UK and HDNL), when the firm approached us to help create the platform to run their B2C pick-up / drop-off parcels and returns service.

Our role was centred around technology and user experience design, but eventually came to touch on several areas of product thinking and development as well.





We supported the company to build their next generation platform, changing the entire application framework and training a new internal team on Agile methods and Ruby on Rails development. During our work on the new platform we conducted pair programming with the new team and established team practices (pairing, code reviews, stand-ups, retrospectives).




The new development team was made independent and carried on the support and development of the new platform themselves. Through our initial design we created a streamlined, client-centric approach improving brand recognition and boosting sales. The design has continued to evolve, along the guidelines laid out during the original project.

Our work with Collect+ won the ‘Innovation in Delivery’ eCommerce Award, 2011.




Enabling sustainable success

From strategy to delivery

We created a streamlined, client-centric approach which reduced complexity, improved brand recognition and boosted sales.

Responsive capacity building

We helped to develop a ground-breaking new offering and upskilled an existing team with new capabilities to manage and develop the platform.


Painless knowledge transfer

Having built the platform, we ensured that the in-house team could run with it with a smooth handover and as much support as needed.

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