Driving Enterprise Social Network Adoption

Aligning use cases for social technology with the company’s future business vision


Having implemented an award-winning enterprise social network, BUPA felt they had hit a wall in terms of adoption. Areas outside of communications showed patchy take-up of the platform, with few sustained communities and little new value creation.

They approached us to co-create a collection of use cases that could introduce the platform to new areas of the business in meaningful, value-driven ways, with the goal of increasing platform adoption across the company.





Taking a user-centred approach, and engaging a diverse group of stakeholders, we ran a number of workshops both in the headquarters and in regional offices via video-conferencing. During these workshops, we identified new ideas and further defined existing ones, addressing pain points as well as strategic objectives.

All use cases were then evaluated against business objectives laid out in the BUPA 2020 strategic vision, to ensure they would receive full backing from management, as well as easing pain points for employees.




For each of the short-listed use cases, a basic outline was sketched to allow for easy design and implementation throughout the following year. BUPA selected three principal use cases to focus on, and began the first implementation in-house: a Talent Hub for all employees.

During the pilot phase, organic growth in users went far beyond the initial teams and achieved levels of use and engagement that exceeded expectations. The Talent Hub continues to grow and expand in both functionality and user base, taking in new markets and regions.




Enterprise social healthcheck

If you build it, do they come?

We moved adoption beyond initial uptake to encompass key business areas by introducing a range of innovative and engaging use cases.

Business strategy alignment

We carefully balanced users’ wishes with future business vision, ensuring that each element could support overall progress.

Supporting internal ownership

The use cases we created were designed to work with the chosen tech platform and could be implemented internally with minimal support.


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