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New Custom Platform for Information Sharing

Bringing together people and expertise with a social network.


With the high levels of innovation and complexity in banking products, our client wanted to ensure that people involved in the negotiation and implementation of associated transactions could stay abreast of change and be better connected with relevant expertise and information.

In that context, we worked in a consultancy capacity with members of pilot groups from distinct operational areas and communities, to identify key processes/business needs to be supported by well-positioned social tools.

Our work with those groups fell into two broad areas: information-related operations and social networking.





In the first area we focused on designing a social platform to improve the ‘findability’ of key information and processes for updating documentation, linking contextual data to underlying information, and promoting knowledge capture and sharing.

In the second area we investigated how that same platform could facilitate increased communication, networking and collaboration between a globally dispersed group of executives, especially in relation to ‘event’ organisation activities, with a view to the future extension of the platform to regional groups and their own networking needs.




Based on the feedback from pilot group members, we adapted popular aspects of public social networking sites that suit the corporate culture and the more specific needs of the groups.  More particularly, this involved personalising the interaction by showing who’s online, letting people write in each other’s blogs, sharing upcoming event information and news about conferences and networking functions.

As a result, the client learned a lot about requirements, user needs and work processes for the development and roll-out of a social software platform.




Designing a banking social network

Innovation inside the firewall

We tapped into innovative thinking inside the bank to zero in on interaction and business needs that could be supported with social tech.


Smart executive thinking

The network harnessed existing knowledge practice and promoted new ways of working with the support of an engaged executive group.

Learning from consumers

We elicited several requirements from the workforce’s own experience of using consumer networks and applied these to maximise usability.

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