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Strategic ESN Communications Campaign

Taking inspiration from a central use case to increase accountability for collaboration


A global agribusiness and food company, distributed across 400 locations in 40 countries, tasked us with creating a strategic roadmap for their ESN, designed to expand upon a key use case of best practice knowledge-sharing across this global business. We ran a lean user research phase, followed by a detailed analysis of key user and stakeholder needs.

We developed a comprehensive roadmap of strategic recommendations and went on to design and support the adoption of a communications ‘campaign-in-a-box’ that could be implemented at the local level, in line with the decentralised nature of the organisation.



By baselining user opinions through surveys, one-to-one interviews and stakeholder workshops, we were able to quickly show the value of the use case and were able to measure progress over time. We also helped to create a ‘central spine’ concept for additional use cases that fitted perfectly with our client’s aspirations for their ESN to become a strategic tool for the enterprise.

We then supported the communication of best practice sharing via the ESN, by creating a communication campaign that used gamification techniques to engage employees, to learn how to use the platform and add further value to existing Best Practices content.


The strategic roadmap we produced allowed our client to focus their resources on adoption activity that would add value in the most effective way. The resulting communications campaign also helped to embed learning opportunities and valuable contributions to their local ESN communities, thereby developing internal digital capabilities.

The campaign resulted in increased engagement across all ESN communities that took part, and saw particular success in Asia, where activity increased by 200% in the first month of the campaign, despite previously seeing only limited adoption levels.


Connecting individuals with organisational goals


Demonstrating use case value

We enabled the sharing of key messages with the widest possible audience at the organisational, team and individual levels

Increasing digital capabilities

Our communications approach engaged employees through the learning and practice of new skills to add value to existing communities

Flexible localised adoption

Local change agents were empowered to customise the campaign’s materials, resulting in quick increases in adoption

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