Creating Social Analytics Tools

Promoting internal collaboration at Nokia with custom-developed tools to derive actionable insights from social data


Whilst promoting the new Lumia phones, Nokia was interested in what people were saying online about their products and competitors. But rather than retrospective reporting, Nokia wanted to find actionable insights and encourage employees to respond in close to real time.

We designed and built a bespoke (mobile and desktop) application called Socializer that took real-time social data, identified unusual or new patterns and then created a pipeline of potentially actionable messages that were shared and discussed internally in a way that encouraged people to take ownership and respond, using game mechanics. The technology stack included: HTML5, Ruby on Rails, RabbitMQ, Cassandra, Solr and AWS.





We also worked with Nokia to gather together and visualise internal conversations on their various social platforms, to show how cross-office discussions developed over time. We designed a Flash application called Visualizer, which created gentle animations to engage users with data and highlighted emerging discussions.

The goal was to use social analytics to derive actionable insights from data, enabling teams to respond faster and more efficiently in the new digital world, thereby improving customer-centricity across the firm, better connecting employees and promoting a culture of accountability and transparency.




This experimental and innovative project helped Nokia bring its employees closer to their customers, and encourage a culture of ownership and action in response to social media monitoring.

It helped introduce agile working to a section of the organisation, and showed how an organisation can tailor software tools and platforms to meet its own specific needs. The technology solution we put together was highly innovative and helped fill functional gaps in the first wave of social media monitoring tools.




Taking action on social insights


Better data from the firehose

Intelligent custom apps on top of standard social monitoring provided core elements of a change process to drive customer-centricity.


Seeing is believing

The ability to visualise relevant conversations in real time enabled faster response times and better coordination of responses.

Game dynamics to drive engagement

Workers across the company could claim actions to address crowd-sourced customer issues and win internal recognition.


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