Social Strategy and Team Enablement

Sustainable social strategy for the EMEA marketing team


Oakley Europe, manufacturers of performance equipment and lifestyle accessories but perhaps best known for their eyewear, asked us to assist them in developing a long-term strategic approach to enhancing their external social media channels, whilst also working to facilitate the transfer of relevant skills and knowledge to their internal teams.





We started by conducting extensive research on key competitors & best-in-class social initiatives, analysing emerging trends and providing a highly visual competitive review. We continued by running workshops and interviews with stakeholders from Oakley, their partners, and their sales points to define, design and review the complex ecosystem they operate in. We also designed customer user journeys across all touchpoints to inform the wider social media strategy and identified a key set of actionable recommendations for Oakley Europe, both for B2B and B2C activities.



The social strategy and recommendations were well received by the Oakley Europe team, leading to the execution of many of our recommendations, specifically streamlining how social media is resourced, training sessions with the sports marketing department, and a programme of advocacy development. Our community management activities resulted in an increase of fans from 26,000 to 100,000 in 12 weeks, with a steady 6-million people audience and a user-generated content increase of 345%.



Joined-up social marketing

Learning from the market

An early focus on best-in-class social marketing initiatives enabled us to provide early recommendations for our client’s strategic focus.

Where are the customers?

To make the strategy relevant, we mapped a series of key customer journeys across all digital touchpoints and identified several new ones.

Walking the walk

We delivered key elements of the strategy we developed, resulting in a four-fold increase in fans and a 345% increase in UGC over 12 weeks.


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