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Custom Integration of Knowledge Tools

An innovative way to share knowledge by leveraging existing technology investments


Reynolds Porter Chamberlain (RPC) LLP is a mid-sized, London-based law firm that was faced with a scenario familiar to many enterprises. The firm recognised that far greater business benefits could and should be derived from its intranet, along with its other content and information repositories, and was looking for a flexible solution.

Instead of simply replacing the intranet with a new point-solution, or all-in-one social platform, we put in place a social framework, connecting existing enterprise systems, and some new social tools, via an API layer that enabled users to access a single unified interface onto information, irrespective of where it resided.





In the first instance, we developed a framework to connect an enterprise collaboration platform and a newsfeed aggregation server. These two systems addressed several of the firm’s most immediate challenges: tapping into the wealth of internal and external information, collaboratively working with it, and distributing it to clients quickly and efficiently.

We later extended the framework to integrate enterprise wikis, personal profiles linked to an existing enterprise repository, and other systems. The underlying framework was written by our team and is a mixture of ASP.NET, C#, Ruby on Rails and Java code. It had connectors to platforms such as Atlassian Confluence, Attensa and MS SharePoint.




The resulting RPC intranet won a number of awards, including  ‘Best KM Initiative’ at the 2011 Knowledge Management UK Awards.



Better ROI on social tech investment

A social framework for action

By mapping key user actions and motivations across the firm, we developed an innovative social layer on top of existing tech platforms.

Small pieces, beautifully joined

Rather than build yet-another-platform, we focussed on lightweight, standards-enabled integration and a unified user experience.


Do once and share forever

We enabled knowledge workers to increase visibility on their activities, regardless of which underlying system these were performed in.

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