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Social Recruitment Project

A strategic social recruitment presence to attract new candidates


A multinational professional services firm approached us to devise and pilot a strategic social recruitment presence aimed at attracting potential new graduate candidates.

Increasingly, for new generations of graduates, social presence and cultural fit are becoming important factors in this process. The main objective of this engagement was effective targeting and engagement of candidates in experienced positions, who were either planning a career move but had not previously considered this firm, or who were not actively looking to change companies, but could fulfil the strategic hiring needs of the organisation.





We identified target groups during a workshop with key team members, focussing on their strong identity attributes and use of social channels, as well as the organisation’s differentiators, long-term hiring goals and existing content. We established guiding principles for the activities, looking at tone of voice, relevance, and content types, and settled on overarching messaging themes that would be of interest to the target groups.

We wanted to leverage existing resources and sources of content as much as possible, focussing on providing value, creating interest and being current. We ran a pilot for eight weeks running across social media channels, initially centred on Twitter and Facebook, and measured results on a weekly basis.




The goal of the initiative was to pilot specific activities on social channels, but at the heart of the project lay the creation of an integrated social ecosystem, which could form a solid base for future campaign activity in this area.

The project therefore resulted in a comprehensive ‘experienced hires’ social media recruitment toolkit that looked at strategic presence creation from the perspective of channel set-up, governance, content utilisation, audience segmentation, defining roles & responsibilities and analytics.

Sharing lessons learned from the pilot activities constituted a large part of the initiative, creating a baseline measurement approach by combining web analytics with social media monitoring.




Driving social recruitment

High-quality hires sourced at low cost

Our social recruitment strategy identified and attracted experienced potential candidates at a fraction of traditional recruitment costs.

Clearly measurable results

We delivered a 20% and 35% increase in Twitter and Facebook fans, who had not previously considered this firm as an employer of choice.

Working across the social stack

Benchmarking, social presence redevelopment, content guidelines and custom analytics were all part of the overall recruitment solution.

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