Global Law Firm:

Social Intranet Design

An online hub designed to drive higher levels of interaction among a global firm’s workforce


A US law firm with a global presence wanted to build a new intranet to drive higher levels of interaction at the location/office level, but also act as a hub for interacting with the firm’s global content.

To discover what this experience would feel like for employees, we conducted an extensive set of stakeholder and user interviews, reviewed information flows – in both their normative and descriptive forms – and undertook various exercises to sketch with end users their ideal layout for a home page to prioritise content.





We then undertook a wireframing exercise over several iterations; each wireframe was followed by a set of technical feasibility notes for their chosen technology platform (SharePoint).

Each wireframe iteration was tested with end users to ensure that their needs and expectations were being met, but more importantly to learn more about their interactions and behaviours in the social intranet. This helped to combat a level of concern held by senior management that the platform would generate ‘Facebook-type’ behaviours of chat and non-work related conversation.




Users requested a high level of integration between the social intranet and other tools in daily use, and we wanted to streamline workflows and ensure the collaboration platform became embedded in the day-to-day work of end users. To achieve this, we also provided technical documentation for integrating various bespoke systems into SharePoint to ensure the long-term sustainability of the design.



Ground-up social interaction design

Humanising technology

Our approach focussed on getting people to work together more easily and efficiently, regardless of underlying technical constraints.


Let 1000 flowers bloom...

We minimised barriers to adoption by baking work-specific social interactions and behaviours into the system’s flows.


One hub to rule them all

Work activity and social interaction were blended into a single user experience, integrating the use of other internal tools as needed.

social intranet design

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