The Quantified Organisation

Building a real-time picture of organisational health
to measure and monitor digital transformation


Just as a crash diet rarely sustains over the long term compared to gradual lifestyle improvements encouraged by the Quantified Self movement, so too traditional top-down change projects rarely deliver sustained business impact.

Instead of thinking about change as a series of big-bang projects imposed on a sceptical organisation, our approach monitors the health and effectiveness of organisational structures and practices on an ongoing basis, tweaking, iterating and shaping them based on measurement and feedback.

The use of social tools in the enterprise gives us the necessary data to make the Quantified Organisation a reality, but it also provides a way of tracking the goals and progress of social platform adoption.



Our methodology provides a way to express goals in terms of desired organisational capabilities that are necessary to survive and thrive in the 21st Century.

These capabilities then break down into specific attributes that can be measured or detected through a variety of data, from employee surveys to social network analysis of collaboration platforms.

This gives individual teams and managers a real-time picture of their organisation and how it is progressing towards a desired future state, making day-to-day change activities measurable and tying them into known strategic priorities.

For more background on our Quantified Org methodology, see our initial blog post on the subject.


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