Create an employee-driven digital identity for your organisation

Part One of Two: How to create a compelling and authentic digital identity by engaging employees


This workshop will help you develop a campaign strategy that is driven by a strong narrative. You will learn how to build a network of influencers that stretches from the hyperlocal to global. You will also explore engagement techniques to create positive social impact.

This workshop will cover:

  • How to adapt a campaign message for social media
  • How to sustain and manage conversations with an online community
  • Techniques to use crowdsourcing to build audience participation


  • Create a flexible blueprint to run a thought leadership or CSR campaign
  • Learn how to balance your campaign voice with your corporate identity
  • Understand how to curate and moderate information



This session is part of the Digital Identity seminar series, and can be commissioned as standalone in-house workshop for your marketers and other key stakehholders.

We occasionally run open public sessions, and the next date is June 9th, 2015 hosted by the magic circle law firm Allen & Overy in London.

See here for details of the other workshop in the series, and for testimonials from attendees.



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