Building high-performance digital teams



The Post*Shift Foundry provides an innovation hot-house for developing new business structures, products and services. 

We draw upon our extensive experience of building high-performance digital teams to support the development of new businesses, products or ventures that leverage social technologies, and help them scale.

Whether you are are a startup looking to grow without losing what makes you special, or a bigger company looking to learn from startup thinking, our proprietary Framework and incubation methodology can help.



Specific ways we can help include:

Fast-track team development for new areas of an existing business or as part of an integration process

Growing an ecosystem that can help support a new line of business by working with relevant developers and startups

Working with startups to identify potential partners or acquisitions

Spinning out a new digital venture from an existing business


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Organisations in the Entrepreneurial Age

From the Etsy store owners, Upworkers, and Uber drivers of the gig economy to the thousands of start-ups taking their place on the starting blocks in the great race to start-up success every year, there's no doubt that technology has enabled a new era beyond the...

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The Mandated Revolution

Much has been written - both in our blog and elsewhere - about the many barriers to achieving the meaningful and sustainable digital transformation needed for businesses to operate in the challenging business conditions prevailing in the early 21st Century. From...

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Digital change in banking: precursors & catalysts

The recent announcement that Wells Fargo entered into a partnership with Amazon, signalling the online retailer’s entry into the tricky - but massive - US student loan market, is only the latest in a series of alarm bells being sounded in the financial services...

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Digital transformation in insurance: beyond CX

Do insurers get FinTech? Coming at a time when, according to Gartner, "half of CEOs expect their industries to be substantially or unrecognizably transformed by digital”, the apparent lack of engagement with FinTech displayed by insurers in a recent PwC US...

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Enterprise Social Networks: a Higher Purpose?

ESNs are now part of the furniture A basic form of social business collaboration is now an expected feature of the modern workplace, at least in terms of the prevalence of ESN platforms like IBM Connections, Jive and Sharepoint, or chat apps like Slack and Yammer....

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