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Consumer-grade user experience, internal platforms and smart
data apps will play a key role in transforming the enterprise


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New organisational structures and improved ways of working are hard to achieve without a layer of social and digital technology to connect the company. Some organisations already have an Enterprise Social Network (ESN) or social collaboration platform in place, whilst others have the technology but it is not seeing wide adoption or meaningful use.

We have a lot of experience building strong use cases for social platforms, and ensuring meaningful business adoption rather than just more ‘chatter’. Our Enterprise Social Solutions have helped re-vitalise ESNs whose usage has reached a plateau by digging into the data to find actionable insights.



Looking slightly further ahead, leading organisations are building their own platforms to orchestrate shared services and processes, learning from case studies such as Amazon and Haier. This work needs a strong approach to service design and user experience, and a clear understanding of how to align technology services to meet business capability needs.

So many exciting applications of the future will depend on strong data and sharing layers in the organisation’s technology stack. Without these, analytics and artificial intelligence applications are much harder to create. Leading firms are preparing for the future by building these capabilities into their internal platforms, and our Quantified Organisation methodology can help.


Software evaluation & advisory: We stay up-to-date with social platforms and related tools to help clients choose the right tools for their particular needs.

Integration & customisation: As early social tools pioneers, we help companies understand where they can be tweaked and customised and how to integrate them with other systems.

Real-time data tools: Companies produce more and more data that can provide a real-time picture of operations and organisational health. We can show you how.

Enterprise platforms & apps: We help firms plan and grow their own platforms and apps based on underlying services the organisation needs.


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