Social, digital and mobile usage continues to grow worldwide, with 2014 data revealing some significant milestones and shifts. Internet users have passed the 3 billion mark, with social media users close behind at 2.5 billion. Mobile subscriptions have reached a staggering 7.1 billion.

Asia-Pacific is the biggest region for digital and social media use, housing over half the world’s internet, social media, and mobile users. South Korea boasts the world’s highest internet penetration at 85%, while the United Arab Emirates tops the list for social media penetration with 81%.

Facebook remains the most popular social network, but Instagram and LinkedIn have seen significant growth. Mobile social media usage is rising, with 39% of the world’s population accessing social networks via mobile devices.

The average global internet user spends 4.4 hours online daily, with mobile internet usage accounting for 1.9 hours. Social media takes up 2.4 hours of the average user’s day, with 1.6 of those hours on mobile.

The data also reveals that multi-device ownership is becoming the norm, with 60% of internet users using two or more devices daily. The average number of connected devices per internet user is 3.6.

In summary, digital, social and mobile are no longer ‘new’ media – they’re now an integral part of most people’s everyday lives around the world.

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