At the team level…

Small, focused teams are the fundamental building block of adaptive organisations. Embedding agile and service-oriented methods at the team level is at the heart of any digital transformation, and has the greatest potential to achieve efficiencies and operational improvement.

With the support of local leaders who can protect the space for agile teams to thrive, this transition can quickly reduce unnecessary or broken processes and bureaucratic inertia – plus increase the scope for automating the boring bits.

The goal is practical agility, not agile ideology, which requires flexible multi-modal management, presence and engagement from leaders.



We provide tools, learning and support to help teams evolve from ‘following the process’ to owning the services and value proposition they deliver to the organisation and customers.

We support teams and leaders to optimise their use of digital and collaboration tools, and help them transform their work as service owners, using continuous improvement methods to evolve.

Digital Transformation

How can we help team leads implement agile methods and enable small, multi-disciplinary teams to move ahead more quickly?

Capability & Service mapping

How can we map digital business capabilities and services to identify strengths, gaps and priorities for development?

Learning Support

How can we build a picture of team learning needs and generate custom learning journeys to support them?