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How to develop org structures as fluid as software


Technology firms are key drivers of innovation today, but they often suffer the same problems as traditional firms as they scale up, becoming slower, more bureaucratic and internally focused. Firms like Spotify and Netflix have demonstrated that it is possible to grow whilst retaining a de-centralised structure, strong culture and a data-driven approach to management.

Our thinking on organisational design is influenced by software. We think organisations are becoming platforms, consisting of individual micro-services, that their employees can use in pursuit of customer value, and also that they should be data-driven and quantified wherever possible. Instead of monolithic departmental structures, we believe in networks of small autonomous teams connected by data and APIs, operating in a service-oriented environment.

See below for how we can help with the challenges of tech firms and scale-ups. 


  • Scaling up without slowing down
  • Maximising the value of internal data
  • Engaging tech people in org change
  • Removing org barriers to agile working
  • Connecting & aligning small teams
  • Preparing for a world of data / AI


Technology firms produce a lot of ‘data exhaust’ from internal collaboration platforms and other tools. This can be mined for insights into organisational health and potential areas of improvement in how teams collaborate.

Typical activities include:

  • Diagnostic on organisational health
  • Identify opportunities for improvement
  • Turn data exhaust into management insight
  • Manage and measure change actions


Small teams work in an environment of high trust, which lets them use techniques like consent-based decision making, agile methods, ‘working out loud’ and other techniques that are easy and fun to learn. 

Typical activities include:

  • Workshops on team management techniques
  • Animation sessions for team leads
  • Tools to help teams reflect on how to improve
  • Learning hub to share good practice


Don’t make the same mistake as traditional firms and scale up into a bureaucratic hierarchy. We help firms stay de-centralised and grow without losing their startup mojo and develop their own organisational operating system.

Typical activities include:

  • Advice on new org structures & models
  • Design new structures around agile teams
  • Help to overcome barriers to agile working
  • Diagnostics and measurement tools


Trustfulness and professionalism

In a complex world where few of us have time to understand the intricate detail of data, accounting, law and perhaps even code, we will need trusted professionals to help us navigate complexity. So whilst automation and technology will probably reduce headcount in the profession overall, the prize for those who can use our new technology superpowers to create value for their clients will be ever greater. Algorithmic transparency and code standards can help us trust the underlying machinery, but I predict we will still place our trust in humans to make the final judgement.

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Procurement as an interface

I had a very interesting session last week with procurement leads responsible for sourcing legal and consulting work for major organisations. I came to the session wanting to talk about service-oriented, not product- or project-oriented strategic sourcing, and to lay...

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The Mandated Revolution

Much has been written - both in our blog and elsewhere - about the many barriers to achieving the meaningful and sustainable digital transformation needed for businesses to operate in the challenging business conditions prevailing in the early 21st Century. From...

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Digital transformation in insurance: beyond CX

Do insurers get FinTech? Coming at a time when, according to Gartner, "half of CEOs expect their industries to be substantially or unrecognizably transformed by digital”, the apparent lack of engagement with FinTech displayed by insurers in a recent PwC US...

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