The AskHistorians Master Book List on Reddit is a comprehensive resource for historical literature recommendations. It is compiled by a community of historians and enthusiasts. The list is categorised by geographical region and time period, covering a wide range of topics from Ancient Egypt to contemporary history.

Each category contains a selection of books, each chosen for their academic rigour, readability, and relevance to the topic. The list includes both general overviews and more detailed studies, catering to various levels of historical knowledge and interest.

The list also includes a ‘Historiography and Methodology’ section, providing resources on the theory and practice of historical research. This section is particularly useful for those interested in the process of history writing itself.

The ‘Miscellaneous’ section contains books that don’t fit neatly into any other category, such as works on historical linguistics or the history of science.

The list is updated periodically, with new recommendations added based on the community’s suggestions and discussions. With its wide range of topics and rigorous selection process, the AskHistorians Master Book List is a valuable resource for anyone interested in history.

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