Adidas Group is embracing a long-term people strategy, focusing on creating a high-performance culture to support its ambitious business goals. The strategy, dubbed ‘New Way of Working’, has been implemented since 2011, aiming to foster a collaborative, flexible and diverse work environment. The company places emphasis on leadership skills, identifying it as a key driver for success.

Adidas Group’s strategy is based on three pillars: performance, learning, and leadership. Performance is measured through a new appraisal system, which assesses employees based on their contribution to the company’s success. Learning is encouraged through a variety of programmes, including the ‘Functional Academies’ which offer training in specific areas of expertise. Leadership skills are nurtured through the ‘Leadership Framework’ programme, designed to develop future leaders within the company.

The company has also introduced a flexible working model, allowing employees to work from anywhere at any time, provided they meet their responsibilities. This approach is believed to increase productivity and employee satisfaction. Additionally, to promote diversity, Adidas Group has set a target of filling at least one-third of all leadership positions with women by 2020.

Adidas Group’s long-term people strategy appears to be paying off, with a significant increase in employee engagement and a decrease in staff turnover. The company believes that investing in its people is crucial for its ongoing success.

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