What we do

We have deep experience across all key areas of modern, digital operations in both startups and large organisations. We work as catalysts and enablers of transformation, acting as a force multiplier to the talent and resources that already exist inside your organisation.

We equip leaders to design, develop and run their organisational operating system.

Don’t promise change. Help people.

We work with leaders at every level to connect digital strategy, map digital business capabilities and guide both transformation and continuous improvement to take advantage of digital, connected ways of working.

This requires a combination of learning, coaching, technology, org design, employee experience and practical hands-on operational improvement. We start small, find and support ‘future firm’ elements that are trying to break through, and then build a coalition of the willing to spread change.

There is no single template for a modern organisational operating system, but the most important starting point is to make emerging leaders away that it is their job to design, refine and run it, rather than try to fit new ways of working into old organisational boxes.

We leave behind confident, connected digital leadership groups that can involve the whole organisation in guiding improvement, and with clear practical goals in terms of the services and structures they need to develop to meet the challenges of the digital era.


At the leadership level

We work with digital leaders to map digital strategy, capability gaps, and cultivate a network of digital guides across the organisation; we also deliver in-depth digital leadership learning and development programmes.

At the platform level

We map the capabilities, services and skills of emerging agile teams, and help assemble them into a service platform that the whole firm can use. We also help design and implement key platform elements starting with a digital learning hub.

At the team level

We help switch from a process-centric work system to a more agile and service-centric approach, identify scope for automation or standardisation of these services, and then create the interfaces and connections with other teams to work better together.

Gather more data, understand less…

Gather more data, understand less…

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One Final Mission for the Middle Management Brigades?

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