Organisational Network Analysis (ONA) is gaining traction among HR professionals as a tool to visualise and understand relationships within a company. By mapping informal connections between employees, ONA can reveal key influencers, knowledge brokers, and potential bottlenecks. It offers a unique perspective on how work gets done, which is often different from the formal organisational chart.

ONA has several applications. It can help identify leaders who may not have formal authority but are influential in the organisation. It’s also useful in succession planning, as it can highlight employees who are central to information flow. ONA can assist in managing change, by identifying those who are likely to support or resist it.

However, ONA is not without challenges. It requires careful planning and execution, and the data can be difficult to interpret. There are also privacy concerns, as it involves gathering sensitive information about employees. Despite these issues, ONA is a powerful tool that can provide valuable insights into organisational dynamics.

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