Beyond Social Platforms

Having a social platform or network is just the beginning.
It needs to become a place where useful work happens.


Having a social platform in place within your organisation is useful, but it will not transform the business on its own. Improving communication is a good start, but social platforms create real value when they are the place where work gets done, which means addressing process integration and new ways of working, as well as just tool adoption.

The key to social platform adoption is its relevance to work and the best way to ensure this is to focus on supporting specific use cases that employees need to fulfil. This means that instead of tracking vanity metrics such as clicks, likes and comments, success must be measured through impact on core business metrics.

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Adoption: creating reasons for people to use social platforms for their work and considering the underlying motivations that can lead to behavioural change.

Business Goals: aligning use cases for the platform with existing strategic goals so that increasing usage impacts on the metrics that matter.

User Experience: addressing user experience problems that hold people back from working the way they want to.

Integration: making a social platform the place where work happens requires integration with other sources of content or data that people need to do their jobs.


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