004 Niche, a product of Prooff, redefines the concept of workspace. It’s an innovative, multifunctional piece of furniture designed to cater to the evolving needs of modern workplaces. A versatile design allows it to function as a desk, a meeting area, or a quiet retreat for focused work.

The product’s unique design is a blend of aesthetics and functionality, offering a private, comfortable space within an open office environment. Its high walls ensure privacy, while the open top maintains a sense of connection with the surroundings. The soft interior upholstery creates a warm, inviting atmosphere, making it ideal for both individual work and collaborative tasks.

The 004 Niche is customisable, with options for different finishes and sizes to suit various office layouts and styles. The product is also sustainable, made from recyclable materials. It’s an embodiment of Prooff’s commitment to creating innovative, sustainable solutions for the modern workspace.

The 004 Niche exemplifies a new direction in office furniture design, combining privacy, functionality, and style in a single, adaptable piece. It’s a solution for the modern office, catering to the need for flexibility and privacy while promoting collaboration and creativity.

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