Warren Buffett, the renowned American investor, has been urged to consider ten British shares for his portfolio. These include: BP, due to its strong cash flow and low valuation; Rolls-Royce, for its robust engineering and global customer base; and Unilever, praised for its stable of popular brands and emerging markets exposure. Next, Diageo, with its high-quality spirits portfolio and strong cash generation. Vodafone also makes the list, with its vast global footprint and attractive dividend yield.

The remaining five are: GlaxoSmithKline, with its robust pharmaceuticals and consumer healthcare business; Lloyds Banking Group, due to its recovery from the financial crisis and potential for dividend growth; Tesco, despite its recent troubles, given its still dominant UK market share; HSBC, with its attractive dividend yield and exposure to faster-growing Asian markets; and finally, BAE Systems, due to its solid defence contracts and exposure to the US market.

These companies are considered to offer the combination of strong brands, solid balance sheets, and high dividend yields that Buffett typically seeks in his investments.

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