Mashable has compiled a list of 100 upcoming social media and technology events taking place globally. Among the highlights are the Mobile Marketing Association Forum in Singapore, the Social Media World Forum Asia, and the West Coast Green Conference in San Francisco. In addition, the BlogWorld & New Media Expo is set to take place in Las Vegas.

The list also includes a number of webinars and online events, such as the ‘Social Media for Nonprofits’ webinar, aimed at helping charitable organisations maximise their use of social media platforms. The ‘Social Gaming Summit’ in London is another notable event, focusing on the intersection of games and social platforms.

For those looking to network with other professionals, the ‘Social Media Strategies Summit’ in Boston offers an opportunity to connect with industry leaders. Meanwhile, the ‘Social Media for Government’ conference in Ottawa, Canada, aims to help public sector professionals develop effective social media strategies.

The events span a broad range of topics, from mobile marketing to social gaming, and offer opportunities for learning, networking, and professional development. They are spread across various locations, making them accessible to a wide audience.

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