Social HR is becoming a reality in 2015, with companies utilising social media to source talent, engage employees, and build a strong employer brand. Mobile technology is also playing a significant role, with 83% of job seekers using smartphones to search for jobs.

The use of social media is not limited to recruitment; it is also being used to create a culture of continuous learning. Platforms like Twitter, LinkedIn, and YouTube are used to deliver bite-sized learning opportunities, which can be accessed at any time.

Employee engagement is another area where social media is having a significant impact. Companies are leveraging these platforms to recognise employee achievements and promote a positive work culture.

The rise of the freelance economy is also influencing HR practices. More companies are hiring freelancers and contractors, requiring new ways of managing and engaging this workforce.

Finally, companies are focusing on building a strong employer brand through social media. This involves promoting the company’s values, culture, and benefits to attract top talent.

In 2015, social HR is not just a trend; it is becoming an essential part of HR strategy. Companies that fail to embrace this shift risk being left behind.

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