Discover a treasure trove of 300 free resources to enhance productivity, design, marketing, and education. For productivity, tools like Trello and Evernote can help manage tasks and ideas, while Google Drive and Dropbox offer cloud storage solutions. Canva and Pixlr provide design resources, with free stock photos available on Unsplash and Pixabay.

For marketing, MailChimp and SumoMe can assist with email marketing, while Buffer and Hootsuite help manage social media. Google Analytics and SimilarWeb offer insights into website traffic, and PR tools like HARO can connect you with journalists.

In terms of education, Codecademy and Khan Academy offer free online courses, while Duolingo and Memrise provide language learning resources. TED Talks and Coursera cover a wide range of topics, and free eBooks are available on Project Gutenberg.

Additionally, there are resources for startups, including Stripe Atlas for incorporating a company and Upwork for finding freelancers. Legal resources like Docracy offer free legal documents, and CoFoundersLab can help find a business partner.

Finally, for lifestyle and miscellaneous resources, Spotify and SoundCloud offer free music, while Medium and Quora can provide knowledge and inspiration. Apps like Uber and AirBnB make travelling easier, and tools like Skype and Slack offer free communication options.

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